I started programming by teaching myself in the hopes of making a video game. I have instead decided to do the more difficult task of creating my own useful operating system. I enjoy being challenged in my job and I am happiest when working on a project with ambitious goals. I am continually trying to learn new things; either by continuing my formal education (currently working towards my Ph.D.), reading or better yet just trying something new.

I enjoy low level programming: kernels, systems programming, robotics, etc. I’m not the guy to design your next website but I could help you design your custom HTTP server to replace Apache if that is what you want. I prefer C or assembly but I can do C++ (well C++ from around the year 2000) and if I have to make a GUI application C#. Prefer Linux over Windows and prefer my own OS over Linux. I enjoy being challenged, especially when it comes to interacting with hardware. I find only a few things more satisfying than getting that one bit correct which makes the entire thing run because the hardware says that bit has to be that way. Don’t get me wrong its maddening up to the point when you fix it, and you start to try to convince yourself that the hardware is broken, and a few rare times it is, but getting it to finally work is extremely satisfying.